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Thinking of the 2021 Nissan Titan? | Premier Nissan of Fremont

The 2021 Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is one of the brand’s largest and most capable trucks, and the 2021 is ready to take you on your next grand adventure. The brand’s excellent track record of truck production has been waiting for the greatness of the 2021 Titan, and in a first for their trucks we see more features standard on the Titan than ever before. The 2021 Titan is bound to be one of the most easily recognizable trucks on the road, and its domineering presence demands nothing less. Take a look at the all-new Nissan Titan, and find out how this year’s model is the most exciting Titan yet.

A Commanding Presence

The exterior of the Titan is everything you’ve ever envisioned for a top model truck from Nissan. A bold new front honeycomb style grille dominates nearly the entire front end of the hood, framed only by two outstandingly stylish dual LED lights. A two-toned body is available, and every road is easy with massive 20inch titanium alloy wheels. The bed of the truck comes with an available spray-on bedliner, 120V AC outlet and optional Ulti-Track System.

Designers of the 2021 Titan made the interior more spacious than ever. A dual panoramic moonroof hangs above you in an already spacious cabin, so rest in comfort with the world above you in your cloth or premium leather upholstered seats. The rear row of seats in the crew cab model works for you in several different configurations. Fold them up to create more cargo space; or fold them down to give driver and passenger a stable, flat area perfect for a workspace on the go.

More Safety Features Standard

The 2021 Titan comes with more technology and safety features standard on their trucks than any other in its class, and on top of that many more additional features are available to choose from. The touchscreen on the titan is an 8-inch standard screen, but increases by model. Use the touchscreen that connects seamlessly to your smart phone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and have instant access to your phone, contacts, apps, music, navigation and more.

The patented Nissan safety system Safety Shield 360 comes standard with the 2021 Titan. This system is comprised of six safety features from Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Included with the Safety Shield 360 System is rear automatic braking, intelligent forward collision warning, and rear cross traffic alerts. Also available with the Titan is a rear back up camera, which helps you navigate in and out of those tight spots.

Best in Class Performance

Truck enthusiasts everywhere are always looking for the next best thing in performance and capability, and the Titan has risen to the occasion in only the best ways. The 2021 Titan boasts the highest standard horsepower and torque in its class, with 400 horsepower and 413lb-ft of torque.

On the Titan XD, you have the option to bring everything you could ever need with you as you drive with up to eleven thousand pounds of towing capacity with available gooseneck trailer hitch. The maximum crew cab payload sits at around 2,400 pounds, so no matter what you’re equipped with you have capability for it all

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