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Advantages of Owning a Hybrid/EV in California

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Advantages of Owning a Hybrid/EV in California

Hybrid/EV at Premier Nissan of Fremont

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new vehicle, you might want to consider a hybrid or electric Nissan. California rewards buyers for making a smart choice, and you’ll find other benefits as well. You can find some great options at Premier Nissan of Fremont like the affordable Nissan LEAF.

No Restrictions for HOV

If you choose a fuel-efficient model, California will allow you to drive in the diamond and carpool lanes even if you’re traveling alone. The state removes the requirements for those vehicles that meet their standards.

When you drive one of these models, you also don’t have to pay for driving on High Occupancy Toll (HOT) roads. You end up saving even more money as you travel to your destination beside the fuel savings. To qualify for access to HOV or HOT, you’ll need to get a Clean Air Vehicle decal, which you can get from the local DMV office. Check the DMV website to know whether you qualify for the green or white decal.

Another benefit is to park for free in some of the major cities if you have a qualified vehicle. This includes San Jose, Hermosa Beach, Sacramento, or Santa Monica. You can check details at the DMV website to know if the vehicle you own qualifies.

Special Incentives to Buy a Hybrid or Electric Model in California

If you look at the price tag on a hybrid or electric vehicle, you may hesitate to buy. However, special incentives exist to reduce your overall cost of ownership. For instance, you can usually save money on your insurance with special discounts. Many insurance providers in California offer a low-mileage discount, hybrid auto discount, or an alternative fuel vehicle discount.

Get $1500 for retiring a high-emissions vehicle if you trade it in for a hybrid or electric model. This allows you to reduce the price of purchase and make the alternative fuel vehicle more affordable.

Other Advantages of Owning a Hybrid or EV Model

Some benefits of owning a hybrid or EV are standard no matter where you reside. For instance, you save money on the cost of fuel since you don’t need to stop at a gas station. .

Maintenance is another area where you can save a significant amount of money. With an electric model, you don’t have an engine or its components to maintain with oil changes and tune-ups. Keep a traditional vehicle long enough, and you’ll have to replace the engine. An electric model doesn’t have that expense. Your main area of maintenance is with the tires.

Choose a Hybrid or EV Modeln

You can buy an alternative fuel vehicle from Premier Nissan of Fremont. Stop in and check out our models, like the NissanLEAF. We’ll help you get all the discounts to save more money on your purchase. We also offer in-house financing to make your new model more affordable.

Stop in at Premier Nissan of Fremont for a test drive today. Let us show you all the advantages of owning one of these models.

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