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Leasing vs. Financing a New Nissan

Leasing vs. Financing a New Vehicle at Premier Nissan of Fremont

Just imagine yourself in a Nissan GT-R or Nissan Sentra as you drive the streets of Santa Clara, Newark, and Fremont. You’ll find the perfect model to buy or lease at Premier Nissan of Fremont. It’s up to you to decide if leasing or financing is the better option.

Leasing has gained popularity with many buyers in recent years. It allows you to make monthly payments for a two- or three-year lease as if you were renting the vehicle. At the end of the lease, you can buy the vehicle, return it for a new model and lease, or just return it.

Lease Your Next Vehicle with Premier Nissan of Fremont

One of the main advantages of leasing is that the driver gets to drive new models with the latest technology. These models are under warranty, which means no repairs to worry about. Leasing often makes driving more fun.

Leasing often comes with lower payments as well. Instead of a loan based on the full price of the vehicle, the lease payments are for the value of the vehicle while you drive it. Your payments will likely be lower than if you were financing, which allows you to lease a more expensive model or add special packages.

Leasing is attractive for many reasons, but it also has a few disadvantages. For one thing, you can’t make any changes to the vehicle since you don’t own it. No fancy wheels, no new stereo system. You must keep the vehicle in prime condition, or you could end up paying for any extra wear than what is considered normal.

Mileage is another issue with leasing. Most leases limit you to a certain number of miles during your term. If you go over these miles, you may pay extra. Some penalties can be as high as $1 per mile. This could add up to thousands of dollars extra when you return the vehicle.

Buy Your Vehicle from Premier Nissan of Fremont

You still have the option to buy your vehicle. You can get a loan with the in-house finance department at Premier Nissan of Fremont. When you buy your vehicle, it’s yours. You can customize it any way you wish. You can also drive it as much as you want with no penalty. However, you’ll want to keep it serviced at our service department at Premier Nissan of Fremont so that it continues to be dependable in getting you where you need to go.

If you like the thought of owning a vehicle and plan to keep it for several years, financing may be the better option. You can find the right loan product with our finance team, who will help you choose a loan that fits your budget. You can fill out our loan application online to get the process started even before you pick out your new vehicle.

Whether leasing or financing, we can help you get into a new Nissan. Stop by Premier Nissan of Fremont to find your new vehicle today.

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