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Nissan e-4ORCE Electric Vehicle in Fremont, CA

Premier Nissan of Fremont: Nissan e-4ORCE

Nissan has shown time and time again that they are absolute pioneers when it comes to utilizing the best available technology in their vehicles. The brand launched an industry first with the worlds first Variable Compression Turbo Engine as seen in several models including the latest Altima, Rogue, and more. Nissan also helped to make electric vehicles accessible to consumers everywhere with the Nissan Leaf, which has been in production for over ten years. To add to their many lists of firsts, Nissan is already testing a brand-new frontier for electric vehicles, a new technology package they have named the Nissan e-4ORCE.

Where brands have failed with their electric cars, Nissan plans on succeeding by implementing e-4ORCE capability by pairing efficiency with outstanding power and performance. Pronounced “e-force,” Nissan looks to this development in their vehicle tech to meet the more recent demands of the modern driver with an added element of high performance. Nissan combines the best of both worlds to pave the way for an all-new type of electric vehicle that caters to even the highest tier of performance enthusiasts.

Constant Control

The “4” in “4ORCE” is representative of the all-new, all-wheel drive capability of this newest technology. Building on previous Nissan intelligent 4X4 systems, the e-4ORCE allows for a more robust all wheel drive system to its electric vehicles which previously only used front wheel drive. Reaction time is faster for the vehicle, down to mere fractions of a second. Smoother handling and more precise turns, stronger acceleration, and more advanced breaking. e-4ORCE all wheel drive can intuitively apply power to any combination of wheels to match any road condition. The ability for better control makes for more precise cornering and powerful turning performance.

A More Powerful, All Electric Car

The e-4ORCE system centers around dual electric motors. Previously, electric vehicles under the Nissan emblem have only used a single electric motor and has been typically only been implemented in front wheel drive vehicles. A four-wheel drive capability opens the door for more powerful and all-electric crossovers and SUVs, and the possibility of an increased load capability is right on the horizon.

Nissan has put decades of work into developing a smarter, stronger all-wheel drive system. Engineers built on their previous work of the Nissan GR-R’s torque-split system and the Nissan Patrol’s intuitive 4x4 system to combine into the e-4ORCE concept. Now, more than ever before, an all-electric vehicle gives its drivers precise handling and maximum power output with that same high-efficiency that EV’s are known for.

A Better Driving Experience

e-4ORCE technology not only gives high performance, but accelerating and braking is smoother than ever. The EV technology implements regenerative braking, which allows for energy to be reclaimed when the car slows, sending that electricity back to the battery. The e-4ORCE system reduces vehicle pitch and dive by managing the power to each wheel. It would seem the Nissan is hitting three major areas with its e-4ORCE system: Power, control, and comfort. The e-4ORCE system was designed with a love of driving in mind, giving absolute confidence in even the worst conditions with maximum control, and intuitive system output to help keep you safe.

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