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The Benefits of Servicing Your Vehicle with Premier Nissan of Fremont

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Trust The Premier Nissan of Fremont Service Department

You’d be surprised by the amount of drivers that put off basic services like battery inspections, oil changes, and tire rotations. While you might feel like you can get away with a few thousand miles before your next visit, it’s important to remember that this might result in more wear and tear. When you service your car at Premier Nissan of Fremont, you’ll not only be safer on the road, but you’ll have a long list of other benefits.

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Getting Ahead of Issues with Routine Maintenance

Your car isn’t invincible, so you’re bound to run into issues eventually. If you skip out on routine service though, these issues are likely going to be a lot more severe. This might mean that you end up replacing expensive parts more often, as they could be dealing with a lot more wear and tear. If your tires aren’t rotated, aligned, and balanced, the increase in friction is going to wear them away at a shocking rate. Similarly, your engine relies on oil to avoid friction and heat build-up when you hit the gas pedal. If you want to reduce your chances of breaking down, it’s imperative that you handle these services in a timely manner.

You Can Have A More Efficient Engine

Your engine is complicated, as there’s a lot going on underneath the hood. This means that there are a lot of different factors that can affect your overall performance, ranging from the age of your oil to the state of your engine air filter. These small complications can quickly add up and eventually, they’re going to affect your performance. If you’re near Santa Clara, Fremont, or San Francisco, and you want to see how your engine is faring, you can visit us at Premier Nissan of Fremont.

Passing Your Vehicle Down

Routine service should keep your car running, so you might be able to make your current vehicle last for years. This gives you a lot of options once you’re done with your car note. On the one hand, you can enjoy your time on the road without a monthly car payment hanging over you. Alternatively, you can always choose to hand the keys to your teen.

Keep More of Your Initial Investment

No matter what you do, there’s a good chance that your car will continue to depreciate over time. If you take care of it though, you should be able to keep more of its initial value over time, as bad parts can severely affect the offer that you get. This gives you more options later on, as you might have an easier time trading up to a newer model, or selling your model on the private market.

Keep Safety at the Forefront of Your Mind

It’s easy to forget just how dangerous cars can be since you’re likely constantly behind the wheel. You’re essentially entering a metal shell that might be barreling down the road at upwards of seventy miles per hour depending on where you’re at. This is why it’s important to keep track of your service, as you’ll want to make sure that your various safety systems are working properly. Things like worn brakes and bald tires can severely affect your performance.

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