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Suspension Service Near Fremont, CA
Suspension Service Near Fremont, CA

Suspension Service at Premier Nissan of Fremont

One of the most forgotten and yet, most important systems of your vehicle is the suspension. The suspension system includes shocks, struts, and other components to provide a safe ride and stability. This system is often forgotten because it usually works without fail. Just like with any other part, the suspension components can wear out. You can get your suspension serviced at Premier Nissan of Fremont.

How To Know If Your Suspension Needs Repair

When you take care of suspension issues at the start, you avoid more costly repairs down the line. The service technicians at Premier Nissan of Fremont will check your suspension with regular service and let you know if repairs are needed. However, you may notice signs of issues ahead of time.

Braking Issues

If your brakes are in good condition but you have difficulty stopping, it could be a sign that your suspension needs to be repaired. Problems, when you speed up or stop, may indicate suspension issues.

Unusual Noises

When the suspension has issues, it may squeak or make a clanging sound. This is most likely to happen when you hit a bump or hole in the road. This happens because the system isn’t absorbing the shock of the road like it should.

More Bounce

If you’ve seen comedy shows or commercials of cars that go bouncing down the road, it’s a sign of a bad suspension. Unfortunately, in real life, the situation isn’t so funny. The suspension isn’t holding your vehicle stable as it moves along the road. You may notice exaggerated motion on turns or as you go up or down a hill. The vehicle may also sway to the side when the suspension isn’t doing its job.

Notice the position of the car when you accelerate. It may take a nosedive when you press the brakes. When you press down on the pedal, the rear may drag.

You can also perform a visual inspection. First, check your tires and see if the tread is in a strange cupping pattern. Look at the struts or shocks to see if oil or grease is leaking out. While these signs are an indication that you need your suspension checked and serviced by a professional, the best way to know is how the vehicle rides.

The Dangers of a Suspension System That Needs Repairing

When your suspension gets worn or damaged, it provides an uncomfortable ride. However, it can also mean something more serious for your safety. A worn suspension system can be harder to handle as you drive. It can increase the stopping time and distance, which can put you at a higher risk for an accident. You’re also at a higher risk for a rollover, especially with an SUV.

Don’t forget to check other systems that work with your suspension regularly, such as the tires and wheels as well as the steering.

If you need to have your suspension checked, stop by Premier Nissan of Fremont. Let our service team help keep you safe on the road.

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