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Vehicle Alternator Repair & Replacement in Fremont, CA

Vehicle Alternator Repair & Replacement in Fremont, CA

Alternator Service with Premier Nissan of Fremont

You can’t get very far in your vehicle without your alternator. Most people don’t think about this part on their car, truck, or SUV until it stops working. The alternator works with the battery and starter to get your vehicle to run. If you’re having issues, you can count on alternator service with the service department at Premier Nissan of Fremont. Don’t get stranded in Newark, San Jose, or Hayward when we’re here to help.

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What the Alternator Does

The alternator rotates to create enough voltage to charge the battery once the ignition has energized the rotor on the alternator. The battery produces enough current to start the engine. The alternator continues to work to help power accessories, such as the radio and lights.

When the alternator starts failing, it won’t keep the battery charged. Some vehicles provide a warning that the alternator needs to be replaced, while others may simply fail. It can be difficult to know if the problem is the alternator or the battery, which is why it’s best to have it serviced by professionals.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

Some common signs that your alternator may need to be replaced, include the following:

  • The battery or other indicator light stays lit on the dashboard.
  • The lights are weak or appear to dim when you start the engine or accelerate.
  • There are issues with other electrical components, such as the radio.
  • You hear a squealing noise or grinding.
  • You notice a burning smell, which may indicate the alternator belt is worn.
  • A new or healthy battery must be jump-started.

If your vehicle won’t start or you notice these issues, your first thought may be that the battery needs to be replaced. If it’s old and nearing the end of its life, the battery could be the issue. On the other hand, if your battery still has a lot of life left, it may indicate that the issue is with the alternator. It’s best to test the battery before replacing it to ensure you are taking care of the real source of the problem.

Schedule Alternator Service with Premier Nissan of Fremont

Let the service team at Premier Nissan of Fremont take care of your alternator issues. You can schedule service online with our service scheduler. Just pick a date and time that works for you. You can also call to get an appointment.

Our technicians will test your alternator to determine if it’s faulty. They are certified to work on Nissan systems, but they also take care of other makes as well. You can wait in our waiting area until we have a diagnosis. We’ll provide a written estimate for the cost of repairs. We also offer a shuttle service if you just want to drop off the vehicle and go to work or back home.


Don’t get caught out on the road with a bad alternator. If you’re having problems, contact Premier Nissan of Fremont for service on your vehicle.


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