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Wheel Alignment Service in Fremont, CA

Premier Nissan of Fremont mechanic performing a wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment Service at Premier Nissan of Fremont

If you’ve been noticing a bumpy ride or it’s more difficult to control your steering than it used to be, your wheel alignment may be to blame. As you drive around Santa Clara, Pleasanton, and Fremont, those issues can become serious. Fortunately, you can count on the service center at Premier Nissan of Fremont to realign your wheels and get you back on the road.

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What a Wheel Alignment Is

A wheel alignment may also be referred to as a tire alignment, but it means the angle of the suspension system and how the tires hit the road. If the angle leans or tilts one way, it’s an indication that your wheels are out of alignment.

The service technicians at Premier Nissan of Fremont will use a special machine to measure the angles of your suspension. This machine can calculate the measurements to a tiny degree, which will let the team know if your wheels need to be realigned. We can perform a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment based on your vehicle.

The Importance of Keeping Your Wheels Aligned

When your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause a lot of issues. Your tires may wear faster and unevenly. You may notice that you get lower mileage before you need to refuel. The biggest concern is that your vehicle becomes harder to drive, which can lead to an accident. Don’t ignore the problem. Let our service team take care of your wheel alignment with fast and accurate service.

The Top Causes of a Wheel Misalignment

Your wheels will become misaligned over time from normal wear and tear. They may get out of alignment faster if you drive over roads with a lot of potholes or on gravel or dirt roads. Hitting a curb can throw your wheels out of alignment as well.

You should schedule an alignment anytime you get new tires or replace any of your suspension components. If you lower or lift the vehicle, it will need to be aligned again. After an accident, you should also bring your vehicle in for an alignment check. You can schedule an alignment check when you bring your vehicle in for regular service or if you notice signs of alignment issues.

The Signs of Wheel Misalignment

Your vehicle will show signs that the wheels need to be realigned. If you notice any of these issues, schedule service:

  • Uneven wear on your tires or faster wear than normal
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when you’re driving
  • The steering wheel turns to one side when you’re driving in a straight line
  • Constant steering corrections as you drive to keep it moving straight
  • Requires a tighter grip to keep the vehicle going in the right direction

If you are experiencing any of these problems, have your vehicle checked right away.

Wheel Alignment FAQs

Why your car needs a tire alignment service?

Your car needs wheel alignments for several reasons. Over time, your vehicle's steering components will wiggle loose causing a misalignment. Wheel alignments will minimize tire wear and improve handling of your vehicle.

How often does your car need a wheel alignment?

Ideally, your car needs an alignment about every 6,000 miles. This is just a general guideline, and many variables can cause this to vary. Bottom line is, if your car isn't driving true, it probably needs a wheel alignment.

How much does a wheel alignment cost?

Wheel alignment cost will vary mostly based on vehicle size and drivetrain. FWD and RWD vehicles are typically lower in cost, whereas AWD and larger vehicles typically have a higher cost due to increased complexity.

How long does a wheel alignment take?

Wheel alignment services can range from 1 hour or more - and this all depends on the complexity and size of your steering components. Higher end cars can take more time with more complexities.

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Let Premier Nissan of Fremont, CA perform your wheel alignment services, for FWD, RWD, AWD vehicles and much more! We will make sure that your vehicle is driving like it should once again. Contact us today.

Let the Premier Nissan of Fremont service center take a look at your wheels and determine if you need an alignment. Schedule service online or give us a call. We’ll work hard to get you back on the road.

Wheel Alignment services are offered by Premier Nissan of Fremont near San Jose, CA. We are a full service dealership with a highly trained and fully certified technical staff to ensure your wheel alignment is up to spec. Using the most advanced technology available, we will leave your car feeling better than brand new - making your vehicle last and offer ideal tradition and control. We offer FWD, RWD and AWD alignment services, along with vehicles of most sizes and varieties. Just give us a call to confirm and we can get your vehicle scheduled for a wheel alignment. Check out Premier Nissan of Fremont’s service specials when you schedule service with us.

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