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The Benefits of Choosing a New Nissan Vehicle

New Nissan Sentra in Fremont, CA

Why Buy a New Nissan at Premier Nissan of Fremont?

If you are looking for a great new car, truck, or SUV, check out our inventory of new Nissan vehicles at Premier Nissan of Fremont. We’ll pair you with the right vehicle for your budget and lifestyle if you live around Santa Clara, Newark, or Pleasanton.

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More Models to Choose From

With crossovers and SUVs, Nissan offers options like Nissan Kicks, Rogue, and Murano. If you want to go green with an electric vehicle, Premier Nissan can help you with a stylish choice like the ARIYA or the LEAF.

The Nissan Frontier is a mid-size pickup that offers impressive power and some great features. Your full-size option is the Titan. If you need something smaller, Nissan sedans are stylish and sophisticated, like the Versa, Altima, Sentra, and Maxima. For more thrill in your ride, you’ll want to check out the Nissan Z or GT-R.

Why Buy a New Nissan?

Buying new means you get a vehicle with the latest cutting-edge technology, from connectivity apps like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth to the latest advancements in Driver-Assistive Safety Technologies. You also enjoy a longer lifespan on your vehicle and save money because you are less likely to need costly repairs the first few years you drive your car.

  • Fewer Miles: Inevitably, miles will get on your vehicle, but we’re sure you would rather put them there yourself. The more miles you tack on, the more stress is added to your vehicle. With a used vehicle, you have thousands of miles already on the odometer, and you don’t know how the car was treated.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Today’s vehicles do a much better job on gas mileage than vehicles made ten years ago. So, the more current the model, the more you will save on fuel costs.
  • Warranty: New vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so if something is amiss early on with your model, our service center will happily make repairs according to warranty specifications. If flaws are found across multiple vehicles, you can expect a recall and free repairs should a component cease to function.

Advanced Technology

With a new vehicle, you get the latest tech to make your driving experience more fun and convenient. You’ll find cutting-edge tech like a Head-Up Display, where speed, directions, and more are projected onto the inside of your windshield to be easily observed without distracting you from the road ahead.

When you hook your phone to your new Nissan, a whole new world of fun is opened. You can select your own playlists and podcasts, answer calls and messages, and so much more. When you finance your new Nissan, you can also get NissanConnect. This helpful feature allows you to take advantage of NissanConnect’s Wi-Fi Hotspot with the ability to connect up to seven devices to Wi-Fi.

State-of-the-Art Safety Technology

Technology has come a long way, but you can only experience the latest driver-assistive safety technology when you buy a new Nissan. You’ll get features like Forward Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and much more.


To find out more about the latest Nissan models, check out our inventory and choose one you like. Then contact us at Premier Nissan of Fremont and set up your test drive to confirm your new Nissan is just right for you.

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