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Best Accessories For Your Nissan

Nissan Versa with Accent Lighting Accessories

Best Nissan Accessories at Premier Nissan of Fremont

When you’re building your new Nissan model, you’ll want to think about how you will accessorize it. Nissan offers a wide range of accessories to add to your Nissan Frontier or Nissan Rogue to make it fit your personality and lifestyle in Newark, Fremont, and San Jose. You can find out more about adding accessories to your vehicle at Premier Nissan of Fremont.

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Interior Accessories

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you’ll want it to be a relaxing or fun place to be. Genuine Nissan accessories offer a way to personalize your cabin to suit your needs.

Accent Lighting: Nissan offers an accent lighting kit that includes 20 colors. The light displays around cup holders and the footwell with just a push of a button.

USB Charging Ports: If you’re like a lot of people, you can never have too many charging ports. Rear charging ports give your passengers more control over their devices. They are easily installed on the back of the center console.

All-Season Floor Mats: These floor mats are durable and made to handle water and mud. They are easy to install and will stay in place. You can have them custom-fit your Nissan vehicle.

Rear Cargo Cover: This cover protects your purchases from prying eyes and helps reduce the risk of theft. It installs in just a few minutes and is designed to fit your hatchback or SUV.

Exterior Accessories

Make your Nissan model work even better for you with these accessories.

Ground Lighting: LED lights are installed near each wheel and will turn on with your key fob as far as 33 feet away. The lights aren’t just for fun; they add a measure of safety as they illuminate the dark in a parking lot or garage.

Carriers: Carry more gear for a fun getaway with an equipment carrier on the roof of your Nissan. You can choose a carrier for skis, bikes, or other items to fit on your roof rack.


If you want the latest in electronics for your Nissan, you can have it installed by professional Nissan technicians.

Rear Entertainment System: Keep your passengers content for long trips with their own entertainment. This system comes with two screens that are situated into the back of the front headrests. Included are wireless headphones for private listening.

Remote Engine Start Key Fob: Start your Nissan’s engine from inside the house or office with this key fob. Once the engine is running, it will heat up or cool off your cabin.

These are just a few of the accessories you can add to your Nissan. We also have towing kits, sliding bed extenders, and a rear under-seat cargo organizer, among other items to enhance the way you use your car, truck, or SUV.

To learn more about the Nissan accessories available for your model, visit Premier Nissan of Fremont. Find out how to have these items installed on your vehicle to enhance the fun and functionality of your Nissan.

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